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Closing the skills gap

In our article ‘Closing the Skills Gap’ in ISMR’s April 2022 issue, we outline practical strategies for manufacturers to follow to diversify their workforces and close the urgent skills gap.

Supply chain and workforce

The National Association of Manufacturers in the U.S. released its Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey for the fourth quarter of 2021, showing that manufacturers remain mostly optimistic in their economic outlook (86.8%, down from 87.5% in Q3) but are significantly concerned with issues such as inflation, hiring and potential tax increases targeting manufacturers.

Sustainability in focus

With COP26 taking place recently, the actions needed to mitigate climate change are now becoming a priority for world leaders. Now is therefore the time for companies to recognise that prioritising sustainable manufacturing operations will be critical to their future success and public reputation.

Smart factory solutions

MRP, ERP and MES manufacturing software solutions support better resource planning, scheduling and tracking, as well as lean manufacturing operations. When considering an ERP system versus MRP for a manufacturing organisation, the core competences and historical pedigree of the system must match your business.

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