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Mini Cell, SafanDarley

Accent on automation

Sheet metal specialist, Exerion, has chosen a robotic bending cell from SafanDarley for the manufacture of its smaller products.

Exerion in Ulft (The Netherlands) manufactures high-quality frame structures and products from sheet metal. This international company today has branches in Ulft (The Netherlands), Olomouc (Czech Republic) and Rochester, NY (United States). It is part of the ACM Group in Penang (Malaysia).

Having recently taken over production from eastern Europe, Exerion turned to its long-time supplier, sheet metal bending specialist SafanDarley, to help integrate robot bending into its operations. It is now able to make great strides in robotic automation with the new E-Brake 35T Mini Cell, enabling it to produce many more small products.

For the full story in the April issue of ISMR, see

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