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DEES, tandem line, press

Hydraulic press specialist

Pic caption: A 2,000 ton press tandem line from DEES with YASKAWA robotic arms, left moving bolsters and rapid heavy die exchange for a key automotive OEM.


Taiwanese manufacturer, DEES HYDRAULIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, is a leading supplier of hydraulic press technology. Its press technologies include tandem press lines and individual presses (such as transfer; triple action; deep drawing; die spotting; tryout; high-speed; servo-hydraulic; hemming; 3-way; 4-post and C-Frame). Over the past 45 years, it has built and exported more than 4,500 machines and 45 tandem press lines to 85 countries.

“The DEES hydraulic system is easy to maintain and powered by the motor and pump set. Moving bolsters with a Q.D.C.S. (Quick Die Change System) makes heavy die change easier and faster. Rapid pressing speed is between 30 and 150mm/s, controlled by the accumulator, and the approach speed is 800mm/s or faster with a return speed of 600mm/s or faster. A cushion system knocks out the parts. All speeds and strokes, including the slide and cushion systems, are adjustable. The repetitive is within ±0.05mm,” the press specialist told ISMR.

“Our self-developed HD-FASTech provides deep drawing’s high efficiency levels, greatly improving productivity. The tandem line pictured above is working 24/7. The customer has a market share of over 10% and is one of the top three automotive manufacturing industries in the world. We supplied the custom hydraulic presses, designed and manufactured in-house, which are rigid, strong and robust for long operations,” it added.

Ever since DEES was established in 1976, its basic philosophy has been ‘to provide customers with complete engineering, manufacturing and solutions’. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and CE, DEES offers hydraulic presses for metal forming and hot forming of composite or alloy materials. Its hydraulic press capacity ranges from 30 to 6,000 tons, with over 4500 machines supplied to 85 countries.

DEES customers include Bombardier; Boeing; Honda; Toyota; Audi; Volkswagen; Mercedes-Benz; Volvo; Jaguar; General Motors; Bosch Group Home Appliances and Electrolux.


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