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At Messe Essen in Germany, more than 700 companies from 36 countries will present innovative products, technologies and services at the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN exhibition (11-15 September 2023). This key event for joining, cutting and surfacing has attracted industry exhibitors such as Lincoln; ESAB; Microstep; ABICOR BINZEL; EWM; Fronius; Messer Cutting,and voestalpine, among others. Niche players, start-ups, research institutions and associations will also participate.

“Trade visitors can expect a complete overview of the entire industry at the exhibition. Networking, establishing business contacts, placing orders and preparing purchasing decisions are the main goals of many trade visitors at the show. They come from far and wide to Essen; about every second visitor is from overseas,” Messe Essen told ISMR.

The show organisers have optimised the hall layout to provide exhibitors and visitors with “numerous synergies and a seamless experience.” Halls 1 to 5 will be dedicated to companies from the welding sector, while Halls 6 to 8 will house exhibitors presenting cutting products and services.

“This strategic arrangement ensures that related products (such as surface technology; heat treatment; gas; consumables and filler materials; equipment; safety; health; quality assurance; service and digitalisation) are conveniently located in close proximity. Short distances and a perfect fit between exhibitors and visitors enhance the overall efficiency of the event,” explained Messe Essen

Events and themed areas

Apart from the exhibition itself, there will be a comprehensive programme of events that provide added value for attendees.

The trade fair will feature a special show on digitalisation, in collaboration with the Industry Fusion Foundation IFF and the German Welding Society (DVS). Through a digital rally, trade visitors will gain insights into practical applications and the advantages of digital solutions.

“This innovation, facilitated by a dedicated app, will enable exhibitors and visitors to connect and engage in meaningful discussions about the integration of machine, man, AI and software in the industry. By showcasing the potential of digital solutions, the exhibition highlights the efficient use of resources, materials and manpower in welding, cutting and surfacing processes,” explained the show organiser.

The impetus for putting digitisation solutions in the spotlight at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN came from the Industry Fusion Foundation (IFF). The association is committed to the intelligent networking of the manufacturing industry.

Igor Mikulina, President of the IFF Foundation Board, commented: “Digital solutions in welding and cutting technology have the potential to raise productivity to an entirely new level of efficiency. Against this background, the non-profit Industry Fusion Foundation, in cooperation with DVS and Messe Essen, will focus on the concrete added values of digitised product solutions right through to the immense benefits of cross-manufacturer networking of the entire manufacturing process.”

Visitors will also find themed areas at the trade fair: (to read the rest of this article, see )

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