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ISMR February 2024 Issue Out Now

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In this issue, we chart the evolution of the global sheet metal industry over the ages and highlight the latest new trends, drivers, opportunities, and challenges in the 21st century for manufacturers (page 18). Global automotive markets (page 26) and economic forecasts; shifts; and opportunities across Asia-Pacific (page 42) for manufacturers are also analysed.

Don’t forget to read our research news section on page 16, with the latest global initiatives. Emerging requirements and patterns in the sheet metal bending industry are also chronicled on page 30.

We preview three major trade shows in this issue: STOM-TOOL in Poland (page 22), Global Industrie in France (page 38) and TMTS in Taiwan (page 48).  You can find an alphabetical selection of the latest stamping technologies, tooling and press models on page 52. Digitalisation, robotic welding and CAD/CAM also come under the spotlight in this issue.

ISMR is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! We have plenty of plans to commemorate this milestone anniversary and would like to thank our readers, supporters and advertisers for being such a key part of our journey.

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