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ISMR issue April 2024

Read the April issue of ISMR

Read the April 2024 issue of ISMR on – it will be distributed at MACH in the UK as well as Wire and Tube in Germany. In this issue, we outline types, trends and technology shifts in global home appliance markets (page 28). We also present forecasts, drivers and challenges for the UK economy and manufacturers on page 38.  Don’t forget to read our research news section on page 18, with the latest new and collaborative worldwide initiatives.

We place the spotlight firmly on metal folding in this issue with a selection of new global folding innovations for manufacturers on page 60 as well as folding case studies from Ireland and Austria. Cobot welding in Germany, even for small batch work, is highlighted on page 48.  Building sustainability into waste management processes will help metal workshops to survive in challenging times so an analysis of how sustainable waste management programmes can make the difference for sheet metal manufacturers is on page 50.

You can also read our show previews of BIEMH in Spain (page 24) and ITM Industry Europe in Poland (page 42). Additive manufacturing, coil coating and roll forming also come under the spotlight in this issue.

We are very pleased and proud to celebrate ISMR’s 25th anniversary this year. We wish to celebrate this milestone event with our readers, supporters and advertisers and would like to thank you all for your support over the years. Please email any memories or particular highlights that illustrate sheet metal’s evolution over the years along with your industry views and key milestones to us on      

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