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New gereration on plate forming - FACCIN 4 rolls 4HEL model

FACCIN plate forming machines with options available for the production of truck tanks, buckets for excavators, tanks, wind towers and boilers for domestic heating. The 4HEL series responds to the requirements of customers who need to roll quickly in batches and for ferrules of any shape and thicknesses.

FACCIN plate rolls for wind towers and offshore foundations

Choosing the right partner for your wind tower project significantly improves the performance and profitability of your operation. FACCIN offers technologically advanced solutions with 4-roll packaged-ready full-automation lines and tailored solutions for offshore foundations.

Boldrini-Faccin Tanks & Pressure Vessels Heads Webinar

This webinar showcases what users need to know before investing in dished head lines and related processes such as dished heads hot forming, hydroforming special dished ends, manufacturing heavy duty dished head lines, dishing presses and manipulators, aluminium dished head forming and more.

Special guest: Industrial Machinery for Metal Forming Expert, Rino Boldrini

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